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CCS3 Pin Call System

The new CCS3 Pin Call (electronic monitoring) System  will provide your domiciliary care company with the ability to monitor client visits and staff movements.

Our system utilises your client’s own home telephone to ensure the visit is being completed. A mobile phone can be used in the event that a client does not have a home telephone or there is an issue using it but this should be an exception rather than a rule.

Your company will be issued  with a unique telephone number which you will disclose to your care team. Upon a member of your care team arriving at, or departing from, a client’s premises they will need only to dial this unique telephone number to be presented with a simple automated attendant that greets them, requests their pin number (unique to each member of your care team) and confirms receipt of that pin.

Your client’s telephone number, your care team’s pin number and the date/time of the call is captured by the CCS3 Pin Call System and will be presented to you via a simple to use interface. Our system will provide your client and/or their families with irrefutable evidence that the visit has taken place.

The Pin Call System presents you with: Client Name and Telephone Number, Care Team Member’s Name and Pin Number and the Date & Time. The arrival and departure of each visit will be displayed as an individual line which will also be colour coded to denote an arrival or departure.

The interface also holds a full client list with name, address and telephone number as well as a staff list with name, address, mobile number and pin number.

From these lists the Pin Call System interface will match the captured calls to a client and a staff member.

The interface allows for reporting by client visits and/or care team or an combination of both.

The Pin Call System will be enhanced as new facilities become available and will be integrated into the CCS3 Domiciliary Care System.

If you would like to discuss our Pin Call System software application further, please contact us for a no obligation chat.

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