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CCS3 Centre Manager


The task of booking, cancelling and rearranging rooms or resources can be very time consuming creating a huge drain on your business. Mistakes are easily made using a paper based diary.


Centre Manager can help you to free up the time spent on these administrative tasks and reduce mistakes, allowing you to concentrate on your core business.

Centre Manager incorporates Room/Resource Management, Detailed Client Information, Detailed Staff Records, Cost Schemes and Invoicing.

All of your bookings are immediately visible in an easy to view, on-screen, scheduler or calendar in either daily, weekly or monthly views.

Bookings can be added directly into the quick and easy, interactive calendar and availability established in moments.

Individual or recurring bookings can be taken and manipulated directly on the calendar screen; just drag the entry up or down to change the booking time, expand the entry to extend the booking time or even move it to a different date. No more constant flipping of diary pages or scanning through spreadsheets and no more scribbling out changed entries.

Client Manager allows you to confirm a booking to denote the client actually attended or mark it FTA (Failed To Attend). This allows you to track client attendance and even apply an FTA charge if appropriate.

Clients are at the centre of the application with everything revolving around their needs.

Full Client Details Include:-

Rooms/Resources can easily be defined with a capacity, daily start and end times, default duration, clean-up interval and an hourly charge or a pre-defined costing scheme. Sundry items can also be stored on the client record.

The pre-defined costing scheme allows for charges to be set up in pre-defined bands where booking charges can be based upon duration falling within defined time breaks.

The Client Bookings screen allows you to quickly see historical and future bookings along with its status for individual accounts.

An easy drill-down to an individual booking allows a detailed view of that booking and quick manipulation of the details.

Clients can be set with invoicing frequencies that include: daily, weekly, monthly, 4 weekly and custom.


Any clients with confirmed bookings that have not yet been invoiced and are due will be immediately identified and reported every time you log into the system.

Invoicing is a simple process: enter the dates you would like the invoice run to include, check them on screen and create the invoices. The invoices are created in an Adobe PDF format and stored as individual files on your hard drive. You can view them on screen, print/re-print them or even email them as attachments.

Sundry Items such as transport, meals and chiropody can be added to the system and held against your clients however they can also be allocated or removed on an ad-hoc basis at the time of the booking.

Payments can be taken in cash, applied and receipted against your client’s bookings or simply applied when the invoiced payment is made. When payment is recorded the invoice will be marked on the system as paid giving you a full financial record for each and every client.

Keeping track of your personnel/staff is easy too. Included on their  record is:-

General ‘free-form’ notes can also be added against each member of your staff. The notes can be as brief or as detailed as you like.

“It couldn’t be simpler”

If you would like to discuss our Centre Manager software application further, please contact us for a no obligation chat.

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