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John Luffman Operations Optimised by CCS3 & Load 2000

 new wave of on-board weighing technology has recently been put to effective use by Tiverton-based John Luffman Trading Ltd (JLT) - a leading contractor specialising in earth moving, groundwork and major civil engineering projects.

Seeking minimal on-site infrastructure for its aggregate loading operations, JLT chose Load 2000 software programme from Derbyshire-based industrial data transfer specialists CCS3 Ltd to transfer load data from wheeled loaders to a central computer for ticket printing and analysis once loading is complete. This software system was partnered with the trade-approved Loadmaster 9000i on-board weighing system and radio telemetry link from RDS Technology.

The telemetry system is in use on two sites in Somerset. Vehicles enter the sites to be loaded with aggregate and once the loading cycle is complete, the job data is automatically transmitted back to the base unit and a weigh ticket printed for the driver to take upon exit.  On such a small and self-contained site this set-up avoids time delays at a weighbridge and cuts out unnecessary vehicle movements due to over or under loaded vehicles.  It also avoids any expensive infrastructure costs upon moving onto site.

Once tested and approved by Trading Standards officials, the RDS Loadmaster 9000i allows the sale of goods directly from the information gained on the weighing system, negating the need for an on-site weighbridge. Combining this feature with the telemetry modules , JLT have succeeded in making their sites as time-efficient as possible and fully operational with minimal site infrastructure.

Explaining the great improvements made to the site through using on-board weighing in this way, Mr Luffman says, “The telemetry communication functions of the Loadmaster and the Load 2000 software have helped speed up our aggregate distribution operation by cutting down the time our delivery vehicles are on site.  By the time vehicles are loaded, the weigh ticket has been printed and they are ready to go.  

Such technology has also saved the cost and time involved installing a weighbridge.  As a result, the flow of traffic through our site has been greatly improved.”

We find the software easy to use and it helps us to analyse the load data quickly and efficiently. The system is very reliable and the CCS3 & RDS teams are extremely helpful.”